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Experience the Pondus!

Wonder what it’s like carrying around an extra 90 pounds all day every day? Well, sometime when you have a free day to kill go to the nearest Bowl America. Grab about six 16 pound bowling balls and strap them … Continue reading

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Fear the Pondus!!!


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Ok…who put the plate of Christmas Cookies in the kitchen here at work…do they not read my blog ?!!!! 😉

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The Embarrassment Begins

Holy Sh*t…I am huge…but we will get to that!!! I am not going to use any fad diets, or any structured South Beach, Long Beach, Venice Beach, Virginia Beach, or any other “Beach Diet.” No grapefruit, banana, or smoothie … Continue reading

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“To lengthen your life, shorten your meals”

So it has come to this!!! After years of attempting, and mostly failing, to lose the blubberous mass accumulating around my mid section, I have decided to use the possibility of public humiliation as a motivational tool to get off … Continue reading

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