The Last Temptation of Crust…

pizzaWell, actually the Latest Temptation of Crust would be more accurate!

So a few days ago I wrote about my extreme anxiousness at being denied my weekly donut infusion. Well, over the last few days I have struggled through and I am finally at stage five in the grieving process – acceptance.

Stage three was a hoot, trying to make a deal with a higher power. Very difficult for an atheist to do and have it mean anything. I finally decided I would write an email to the only higher power I could think of that could help me out here….James Morgan, CEO of Krispie Kreme.

In it I asked him if he would only produce a donut that tasted exactly the same as their current chocolate covered glazed offering, but that contained 0 (that is zero) calories, that I, in exchange, would agree to in the future, only eat Krispie Kreme donuts and make sure my family did the same. I got no response surprisingly…you know what they say about praying – sometimes the answer is no :(

So I moved on to stage five (after a very brief stop at stage 4).

Unfortunately I have a new, and similar challenge…pizza. Pizza is the second leg of my gateway food triumvirate (donuts, pizza, and Pop Tarts). Thus far I had been able to sort of ignore this problem as I hadn’t been exposed to pizza recently…until last night. I was at a meeting I attend monthly (no not Donuts anonymous), and as a treat for those in attendance four glorious Bricks Pizzas were there waiting for us. The biggest challenge was having to sit there while these delicious circles of succulence called me for the entire meeting…I can smell them now.

I am proud to say I resisted, but am going through some feelings of regret today. Regret is the way pizza lovers experience withdrawal.

As a consolation, and as a way to get past my craving I tried to imagine the two snicker doodles I had at home waiting for me. That did the trick…but it wasn’t the same. I imagine it was similar to the way smokers think about nicotine gum…meh, but ok!

Well hopefully the next time pizza enters my life I will be able to resist it more easily….and that there isn’t a box of Pop Tarts sitting next to it! Shudder!

Oh well…oh btw I have dropped 1.5 pounds since I restarted my diet!

All for now,


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