No Donuts? WTF?

many-donutsEvery Saturday for the last two years I have stopped at 7-11 to get two chocolate covered glazed donuts.

It would not be exaggerating to say my entire work week was consumed by anxious anticipation as I looked forward to again acquiring those delectable pills of pleasure.

But…no longer….“Cry woe, destruction, ruin, decay: The worst is death, and death will have his day.”

Shakespeare wrote that one day when he discovered the cupboards were bare at Ye Olde Dunkin of Donut.

So, this morning, my first day back on the diet I started three years ago that was interrupted as I mentioned earlier, by an unfortunate alien abduction, my breakfast consisted of two eggs, toast, and….well that was it.

Kind of disappointing…especially since I won’t see any tangible results from eating well for a while. Kind of hard to see the point!

Well I just have to tough it out. I have a busy day today so hopefully I can keep my mind off of it…but I will have to take some time to grieve over those I have loved and lost! :(

All for now,


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