So it seems I have reached a bit of a plateau…only .8 pounds lost the last couple of weeks. I have been staying within my limits so my guess is I have reached the equilibrium point where my body has become so accustomed to my diet it has lowered my metabolism enough to keep me from losing much more…so…I’m gonna have to change things up a bit.

Those of you who have ever been on weight watchers know that after a certain percentage of weight loss your daily point allotment goes down. Looks like I will have to do the same. So I am going to drop from 1,800 calories max a day to 1,500. I will also need to ramp up my activity level some. Luckily spring has arrived here in Northern Virginia. My son has told me he is going to do his part to keep me on track by taking walks with me at least three days a week.

Hopefully all of this will induce my body to go..”what the F is goin on here”…and allow me to shed more poundage!!!

I will post my progress here

All for now



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2 Responses to Plateau…

  1. Jeanne Thomas-Peloquin says:

    Same thing has happened to me in the last few weeks Jim. When I was on WW in 2000 and lost 98 pounds over a year and a half it happened but I just kept plugging away and you surpass it. I am trying to be patient and am glad you are sharing this as it’s helping me and a great support line! Thanks Jim and hang in there! Congrats on your progress! You are inspirational! ; )

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