Avoiding “Default Backup Syndrome”…McDonald’s Free for 88 Days

I’m finding one of the biggest challenges to losing weight is avoiding “Default Backup Syndrome.” Ok…I made up the name, but I bet everyone has it.

It usually hits you when your desire to expend any energy at all in getting something to eat is at its lowest. For me it often hits on the way home from work…I’m tired, the prospect of cooking, or even getting out of the car to get food is almost repulsive. I want to find the easiest, quickest, and least energy expending way to get food, get home, and eat. It also hits me when I am hungover…but that is another story.

Anyway, this leads you to patronize some establishment somewhere, probably close to home, that meets these goals. It’s the ultimate backup meal plan…the place where you go when nothing else seems desirable, or even possible. Hence “Default Backup Syndrome.”

For me, it’s McDonald’s.

The Golden Arches are like an oasis to me, someplace I know I can get food with the least possible physical and mental energy expended. Nothing is easier than just rolling up to the drive through, ordering my two McChicken Sandwiches, large fries, large Diet Coke, and Oreo McFlurry, going home, and digging in.

The problem of course is, the food you usually get at these places is not good for you…and is likely to be highly counter-productive to the goal of losing weight…so it must be avoided at all costs…

There are two ways to avoid it; either find a new default backup that serves “good for you” food, or make the extra effort no matter how you feel, not to fall into the default backup trap. The first option did not work for me. There are no places that combine the convenience, location, and yumminess of my local McDonald’s…so I’ve been force into option number two.

And, I am proud to say, I have been McDonald’s free for 88 days.

I still get the urge sometimes, to pop over there when my ass is really draggin’ …must be somewhat similar to a former smoker when they are in situations where they would normally have a cigarette…but it is getting easier to avoid!!

So bottom line; if you are trying to lose weight, watch out for “Default Backup Syndrome”

All for now!


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