The Clothing Dilemma

So a new problem has reared its head…one that I don’t mind having I must say.

Now that I have lost 34 of the 90 pounds I need to shed, I find some of my clothing is starting (and I stress starting) to loosen up on me. Not so much that I can really drop a size yet, but loose enough to think I will be at the point soon where I will have to “downsize” my wardrobe. The dilemma is – I really need new clothes now! My “Big and Fat” collection is rather limited (a couple pairs of pants and a few shirts), that as anyone who knows me can tell you, I rotate through quite frequently. And, as anyone of my size will also tell you, fat clothes are also expensive clothes.

So, do I bite the bullet and buy new clothes now, knowing that in a couple of months they might be too big for me? Or…do I hang on, wearing the same limited wardrobe until I can get into the clothes I have been patiently saving for that magical day when I can fit into them again (leisure suit…ladies here I come)?

On one hand I would be saving money sticking to the current limited selection…but on the other, I have to worry that people will think I am either too lazy to do laundry, or have decided to start rocking the “hobo” look.

An even bigger problem from a money perspective is that I have a couple of events coming up where I will need to wear a suit. I don’t own a suit (except for the aforementioned leisure suit)…and I don’t want to buy a suit that will fit me now, but will be too big for me in a few months.

What to do?

Oh well, like I said, a good problem to have!

All for now





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2 Responses to The Clothing Dilemma

  1. Rob says:

    Hang on and keep wearing that old stuff, Jimbo. Worth it in the long run to wait a little while longer, since I KNOW you’re going to keep losing weight.

    Also: I’m really hugely excited to wear smaller clothes, because this 3X+ stuff is really expensive, you’re right about that. I walk through department stores and think ‘Damn, if I wore a 2X, I could have a wonderland of clothing.’

  2. Phil says:

    Try a thrift store like Goodwill or Savers. You might have to look several times before you find something that is both the right size and in great shape, but perseverance pays off at these places. You will find some real bargains and then you don’t feel guilty about donating it back when you drop another size.

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