Mental Gymnastics and The Challenge of the Buffet – And Another Milestone Reached!!

So this past weekend I was invited by my Aunt and Uncle to have brunch with them at the Army-Navy Club….which I gladly accepted, not only because I knew I would get a great meal, but also to have a nice time visiting with them. My uncle is currently going through his own weight-loss program, and has lost over 50 lbs!! (Great job Uncle Jim). Anyway, the challenge is that the Army-Navy Club has a great brunch buffet – omelets, home fires, sausage, bacon, biscuits and sausage gravy, and waffles….delish!!!

Now normally I would take this as an invitation to eat whatever amount of gloriousness I could pile onto my plate and still lift back to my table. This would mean at least two omelets, double scoop of home fries, three sausages, biscuit with a full scoop of sausage gravy, and two waffles slathered in butter and maple syrup. And of course….a diet coke!

Also, I believe it is a federal law that one must make at least two trips to the buffet to make it worthwhile. I mean really, if you only belly up once you might as well just order from the menu right?

So…as you can see this would result in a caloric intake that would probably exceed a weeks worth of normal meals. And I knew there was no way I was going to be able to even count the number of calories I was taking in, let alone stick within my limits. So I decided to employ a little mental manipulation that would give me the illusion of committing the sin of gluttony (or as the Borg would say…Sin 2 of 7) , without actually committing it. On the fly I came up with the half-half rule.

I decided I would take half as many scoops of an item as I normally would, and each scoop would be half the size. But I would allow myself to belly up as many times as I wanted. So instead of two omelets, I had one small one, instead of two full scoops of home fries I took half a scoop, instead of two tong fulls of bacon, I took half a tong, one ladle of sausage gravy became one-quarter of a ladle…and so on.

Lo and behold, I found that one helping of this bounty was almost enough…I went back for seconds (because of that aforementioned law), but took even less. I have no doubt had I piled on what I usually would, I definitely would have stuffed it all down. But by deciding ahead of time exactly how much I was going to take I was able to keep my intake within reason. I have no doubt I went over my limits, but it still felt like progress.


Also, I have reached another numeric milestone, I am now 30% of the way to my weight loss goal of 90 lbs. I have now lost 31.9 lbs!  Solo Wave Cheer!!!

All for now






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2 Responses to Mental Gymnastics and The Challenge of the Buffet – And Another Milestone Reached!!

  1. John Daniels says:

    good job dad keep it up

  2. Mary Claire says:

    Great thinking process! Can’t wait to hear when you lose the next 10 lbs.

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