“Time is the longest distance between two places “

Oy…what is taking so long? A watched stomach never shrinks!!!

Every morning I drag my sorry ass out of bed, start the shower, step on the scale…and despite eating like a super model the day before…not an ounce lost.

I grab the scale, figuring there must be something wrong with the f’in thing. I mean how can I eat as little as I did and not lose anything? I yank out the batteries and put them back in…step on it again…nuthin!!! %^$#%^@#^&*.

So, in the past, this is often the point where I give up. Tennessee Williams had it right, time is the longest distance between two place. It seems like it takes soooo long to lose the weight. I figure what’s the point…it ain’t ever gonna happen so I might as well enjoy eating what I want to eat.

At this point I need to step back and look at the big picture, and recognize the realities of the human body…I’m not gonna lose weight every day…I’m gonna go several days in a row without losing any weight. My body is adjusting to the reduced calorie intake, so it is going to take longer than it did the first week. BUT… the fact is…I have lost 14.5 pounds in a little over six weeks….so it is working….I just need to learn not to obsess over each days weight.

And, I need to start exercising to increase my metabolism, so my body doesn’t get comfortable where it is. So my goal this week…at least three long walks…followed by some moderate weight training. I am so out of shape I am going to need to ease into this…but if I am consistent not only will my stamina and metabolism increase, so will the rate at which I lose weight!!

All for now



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3 Responses to “Time is the longest distance between two places “

  1. John Daniels says:

    Good for you Dad stick with it and I think you should start posting your exersie as well as how much you ate each day.

  2. Rick Loney says:

    Hang in there. There will come a time you gain weight. Muscle weighs more than fat, don’t let it throw you.

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