“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”

Normally I am not a fan of motivational speakers, but this quote from Jim Rohn is perfect for this situation. The first part was to get off my ass and get started….and I did that! The second part is to get into a routine of eating well and exercising. To early to tell if I am there yet…but so far, so good.

The biggest hurdle will be consistently cooking at home. I HATE cooking (plus I am really bad at it…I can boil pasta and that’s about it). If I can’t make a meal in under 10 minutes I get impatient and usually just end up eating out. That has to stop!

Now I realize this very notion will cause panic at the corporate headquarters of  Domino’s McDonald’s, and of course Kellogg (maker of the most perfect food ever devised by chemists…the Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tart)…and I wouldn’t be surprised if I received a midnight visit from a representative of those companies to try and “persuade” me to change my mind. But it won’t work…I mean sure a thin crust pizza with extra sauce, pepperoni and spinach, followed by a brown sugar cinnamon pop tart would really taste good…and hey maybe it wouldn’t be all that bad for me right….? Ugh…ok gotta focus!!!

Ok…I’m back…so,  my goal starting this weekend will be to make dinner at home every night for the next week…and to make at least one meal that does not utilize the microwave oven!!

That gives me two days to make sure the smoke detector in my apartment is working…cause I have a feeling it’s gonna get used!




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