Experience the Pondus!

Wonder what it’s like carrying around an extra 90 pounds all day every day?

Well, sometime when you have a free day to kill go to the nearest Bowl America. Grab about six 16 pound bowling balls and strap them around your waist. Now sit down…and then try standing up again.

Noises will emanate from you that you did not even know were humanly possible. Noises so wild and raw that Marlin Perkins* and the gang from Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom are  likely to appear with a net to capture and tag you.

Next, get in your car and drive home. Once you get there try getting out of your car without having to rock back and forth two or three times to gain momentum…bet you can’t.

Finally, walk up a flight of stairs. After you have retrieved your heart and reinserted it in your chest…offer a hearty apology to your knees for what you just put them through!


* For you youngsters out there Marlin Perkins was the host of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. A show that was popular back in the “olden days.” Marlin and his trusty sidekick “Jim” (does anyone know his last name?) would focus on one wild animal each show…the highlight of each show was when they would capture and tag one of the animals they were talking about…very exciting!!!!


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  1. John Daniels says:

    Thats funny but what I am woundering is what did you eat today

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